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Vehicle Inspection and Registration

Car Registration
In Turkey, all vehicle owners must pay road tax in order to register their vehicles. Under the Status of Forces Agreement, United States personnel (military and civilian employees) are exempt from such taxes. Your commander's support staff and the Security Force Squadron Pass and Registration office will assist you with application processing. If you have shipped a POV, submit the request for tax exemption at the same time you turn in your application for the Bluebook (Turkish identification document for active duty personnel). The documents will be mailed to Ankara and after approval, returned to the Pass and Registration office where they will be held on file pending your vehicle registration.

Vehicle Registration Requirements
After Delta VPC notifies you to pick up your Original Auto Beyanname, bring it to the 39th SFS Pass and Registration Office, along with the following required items (in order to successfully complete your registration process):

1. Original Auto Beyanname (Picked up from VPC)
2. Original Auto Insurance Policy translated in Turkish
3. Typed Advanced POV Form (Visit the Public Drive (S :), 39 SFS, !!!Pass and Registration!!!)
4. Typed AF Form 533 (Also on the (S :) Drive)
5. Typed Tax Exemption Form (Also on the (S :) Drive)
6. 3-Copies of your PCS orders
7. 3-Photos of you (Please use pictures you were given during In-processing)
8. One copy of your I.D. Card (Front and back)
9. 1000 TL for POV Registration (Exact change)
867 TL for Motorcycle Registration (Exact change)
10. ** Motorcycle Riders must provide proof of (USAFE Form 90) Commanders Brief for registration process.

*Pass and Registration will process the POV Registration paperwork and Road Permit for you to drive your vehicle. You will then be notified to pick up your vehicle from Delta VPC to be inspected at the Vehicle Inspection Station the following day. Once your vehicle clears the inspection, you will then be cleared to continue the final registration process.

Insurance policies and auto Beyanname must have the same name on both of them, regardless of who the primary policy holder is. This generally applies to military to military couples. In addition, the insurance policy must be the original insurance policy translated in Turkish. These missing or incomplete items are the main cause of POV registration delays.

Your vehicle must be registered in the Adana province at the local traffic bureau. Pass & Registration office personnel will assist you in registering your vehicle. The current cost for vehicle registration is approximately $450. These rates change frequently. If cost is a factor in your decision to bring an auto, it is recommended you check with Pass & Registration for costs during the time of your PCS.

Vehicle Inspections
Your vehicle must meet the specifications of the Turkish Engineering Inspection and Turkish Safety Inspection in order to be registered properly. The safety standards include, but are not limited to, the following: an emissions test, verification of the engine and VIN numbers of the car, examination of window tint (tint not manufactured into the vehicle's glass is not acceptable). If the vehicle is a truck or van, mud flaps are required for the rear tires. If the vehicle requires mud flaps, they can be installed for a nominal fee, but it is probably easiest to have this done before you leave. If the vehicle's tint must be removed, remove it prior to shipping. Vehicles will be checked at the port of entry by Turkish customs officials. They will check the vehicle surface, windows, wipers, headlights, brake/lights, license plate/lamp and the muffler. All documents for the vehicle must be in order when picking up the vehicle; e.g., current insurance, Beyanname and other info.

Motorcycles that are shipped through your household goods also need to go through Turkish Engineering Inspection and Turkish Safety Inspection in order to be registered properly. Upon receiving the notification of the Turkish Engineering Inspection, you will need to proceed to the Vehicle Processing Center to have it inspected. Pass and Registration will process the Road Permit for you to drive your vehicle.

NOTE: The insurance policy, Original Auto Beyanname, and the Tax Exemption MUST all be in the sponsor's name, regardless of the primary insurance policy holder. We will process your Vehicle Pass after your plates arrive. Also, the POV Registration and the inspection must be accomplished by the registered owner or his/her designee. When a designated person accomplishes the inspection process for you, a Turkish power of attorney is required and can be obtained in downtown Adana.

Go out of the Main Gate and take a right onto the D400 (E5) Highway.
You will see TUV Vehicle Inspection Station on the left side of the road after you pass the 3rd traffic light. Make a U-turn at the next traffic light and drive into the Inspection Station. Park your vehicle, go to the office on the left, take your number from the counter-stand and show them your paperwork. Once your number appears on the inspection track, take your vehicle there, go to the other side of the track and wait for them to call your name. When your inspection is done, bring the paperwork back to the Pass and Registration Office.

The Pass and Registration Office will provide you with a liaison to escort and provide you with assistance during your vehicle registration. POV Registration remains valid for your duration in Turkey with the same vehicle. A safety inspection should be accomplished every two years for 4-door sedans and the emission test is valid for two years. A safety inspection should be accomplished annually for trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, etc., and the emission test is valid for one year. If your POV fails the inspection, you must immediately correct the discrepancy and get it re-inspected within 30 days. If you exceed the 30 day time period, you will have to pay the inspection fee again.

NOTE: Use of a Turkish civilian liaison is OPTIONAL and could be subject to a fee.

Vehicle Gate Passes
All POVs must have a Turkish Air Force Vehicle Pass which is to be displayed in your vehicle while on base. The pass must be secured in an out-of- view location when off base. The requester will drop off the completed application and all required items to American Pass and Registration. American Pass and Registration will prepare the vehicle pass and notify the requester within 10 duty days. All vehicle passes will be renewed annually upon direction from TURAF. One photocopy of all drivers' licenses (USAFE Form 181, state side license, international license), one passport size photograph of each driver, one photocopy of all traffic registration cards and one copy of insurance in Turkish is required for a vehicle gate pass.

If you have any questions please contact Pass and Registration at 676-6617