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Update travel documents

Military members do not require a passport for travel to Turkey. However, all family members who are U.S. citizens and will accompany you to Incirlik MUST have a valid U.S. No-Fee Passport. This is a passport issued for 5 years. Non-U.S. Citizens must possess a valid passport from the country of their citizenship.

Tourist passports are blue passports which look the same as the no-fee passport, but are issued for 10 years. They should not to be used for PCS travel. Family members who travel on tourist passports will encounter many delays and possibly non-reimbursable fines when in-processing to Incirlik. Ensure your Outbound Assignments Clerk processes No-Fee passports for your family members...this is a mandatory requirement.

Start this process as soon as possible; obtaining your family's passports can take some time.

Important Documents to hand carry:
-ID cards
-Personnel Records
-School Records
-Medical Records
-Birth certificates
-Marriage certificate
-Current Driver's License
-Documents for employment applications
-Official/No-Fee Passport (dependents)
-Orders-PCS and Original NATO
-Receipts for Travel Voucher
-Vehicle registration
-Vehicle shipping paperwork
-International Driver's License
-Completed in-processing forms (get them from your sponsor)